Celebrating National Moth Night - Shining a light on moths!

Celebrating National Moth Night - Shining a light on moths! - Global :

Moth Night 2021 (UK & Ireland) (#NationalMothNight) takes place over the next few days, between 8th-10th July. Just in time for all this rain! You can take part on one or all three night’s…it is up to you and may well be weather permitting this year. It is organised by Atropos, Butterfly Conservation and the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and is an annual celebration of moth recording throughout Britain & Ireland by moth recording enthusiasts. 

Each year a special theme is chosen with one or more target species to look out for, but Moth Night is about ALL moths so you are encouraged to find and record as many different species as you can. Their online data submission form will be available here: Submitting records - Moth Night from 8th July to 30th November 2021, so there is plenty of time to submit your records. And if you are new to mothing, there is a really helpful Taking Part page for information on how to get started and ways to attract moths to your gardens even without moth traps! Our friendly iSpot community are, of course, always here to help to identify those you aren’t sure about, so please do get iSpotting and let’s celebrate all our incredible UK & Ireland moths. The more the mothing merrier for Moth Night and beyond!

I, for one, intend to celebrate all three days in different ways to show the wonderful diversity of moths in the UK and in memory of my wonderfuelled Dad, who just recently passed away. He was my real-life nature loving hero, best friend, naturalist extraordinaire and true moth mentor. We would have celebrated Moth Night together at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve (LLNR), with a video of our mothing escapades across four traps sharing in his wisdom and our delight. LLNR is the perfect habitat for this year’s theme, so I will do my best to honour our beloved moths and my beloved Dad for Moth Night 2021 over these next three nights and days. I’m lighting the traps in his memory and can’t wait to see what he sends down from that magical moth workshop in the sky!

Moth Night’s theme this year is Reedbeds and Wetlands; important habitats for many species of moth throughout our British Isles, and a hot bed for diverse moth populations, so we encourage you to get out to your nearest site and let us know what is on the wing! This year Moth Night will be accepting daylight hours records too, to encourage daytime mothing adventures and they have a range of prizes to give away for some of the more exciting captures and for random participants too. We are so looking forward to seeing all your moth observations on iSpot over the next few days and are hoping for some truly rapturous capture mothing delights for you!

And if that’s not enough mothing for you, we have National Moth Week (NMW) from 17th-25th July, to mark their 10th year. As with National Moth Night (UK & Ireland), they also shine the light on often unheralded moths, calling attention to their beauty, extraordinary diversity and essential role in the natural world as pollinators and a food source for other creatures. National Moth Week is a worldwide citizen science project, encouraging moth’ers of all ages and abilities to turn on the light for moths, and this year their call to arms is to young people around the world to learn about and observe moths in their local habitats… This one will certainly be of interest to our Global community and we can’t wait to see the diversity and variety between our UK & Ireland and Global community observations on these two special mothing occasions in the yearly calendar.

08 Jul 2021
Rachel R