iSpot 12for12 anniversary countdown results are in! And the winners are…

iSpot 12for12 anniversary countdown results are in! And the winners are… - Global :

iSpot12for12 celebrations are underway and over the next 12 months we will be acknowledging 12 years since the launch of in 2009. The countdown started on Sunday June 27, the anniversary date, and a big thank you to all of you for joining in the spirit of the celebrations with us!

As promised to mark this occasion we were on the lookout for key highlights and milestones on the website on this day: 1st new registered user, 1st observation posted, most observations from one user and more...So what happened on this day? Drum roll please… read on to find out more:

The first new user was also the first person online! iSpot’s first user online on the 27th was reppac who was also the first NEW participant to register and join the community – a warm welcome to you! We are so pleased to see your first observation posted of this charming May Beetle (Melolontha melolontha)  which luckily also caught your eye and on the 27th too! And kudos to Amadan for posting the first comment complimenting the photo of reppac’s find, and to markwilson and Steve Smailes who all agreed with the ID.

Supporting identifications: It was great to see demonstrations of just what iSpot is all about early in the day with supportive words to our iSpot 12th anniversary newbies! The 2nd  observations from a new user on June 27th was Chris Dearnley - welcome to you too! This post was of a Currant Clearwing (Synanthedon tipuliformis)  and Refugee provides a useful comment on camera angles to showcase its amazing blue and yellow colours while Bluebirdresearch took the time to say thank you for this “lovely find”. Also kudos to msd30 for providing a likely ID and to all who agreed!

Spiders! iSpot 12th anniversary nostalgia: A spider was one of the first observations found during the launch event on 27 June 2009 view this here and compare it with this, one of the first observations posted on 27 June 2021,  12 years later! Thank you ailurus  for hitting this milestone, helping us take a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

An observation worthy of a celebration! iSpot helps find lost species: Our 1st international post on June 27th is indeed a worthy acknowledgement of the power of iSpot and why after 12 years the legacy continues: making meaningful contributions to biodiversity and biological recording: Read marlandza’s  post telling the story of finding the Peninsula Bloodcup (Cytinus capensis).   

Probably the most curious headliner comment of the day! I must admit it was probably Amadan headline comment ’Teenagers and cigarettes’  that caught my eye as I trawled though the data, but for a good reason!  Now you’re curious too right? It pulls you to a rather colourful description of Steve Smailes fantastic Hoverfly find.   

It was all about insects: June 21 – 27 was also Insect Week [ ] and thanks again HB for setting up a iSpot project to highlight this: Kudos to  dejayM for, as always, helping to make it work with tips and suggestions. And what a haul we've had, a fitting tribute to #TheLittleThingsThatRunTheWorld on iSpot's 12th anniversary day!

And the June 27th 2021 anniversary spotlight for most observations posted goes to…: A big thank you to all for actively using iSpot, particularly on this day. Special congrats to Boobyg  who topped the leader board with 20 observations posted on this day! Highlighted here is the last of the 20 posted which was Likely ID’d by Peachsteve as Field Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis arvensis).  Below is a the list of users who posted two or more observations, a quick tally of some of the contributions on the day:

iSpot Username            # of Observations posted:27.06.21

Boobyg                              20                            
Steve Smailes                   16
Mikedaps                           10
Thistle                                 9
Amadan                              8
HB                                       8
KCC Mitchell                      8
dejayM                               4
lithopian                             4
2seebugswithme               2
Emma1678                        2
frogprince                          2
Kate 368                            2
Kw4667                             2
LisaE                                 2
nickyrowberry                    2
NorthernTeacher               2
Saturdaywalker                 2
Spot                                   2
Surreybirder                      2

What are your iSpot 12th anniversary highlights? Mention them in the comments below you can also add your memorable observations to the [email protected] highlights project.

More iSpot12for12 highlights to come so do look out!



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28 Jun 2021
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