Taking action everyday #ForNature (not just on #BiodiversityDay 2021)

Taking action everyday #ForNature (not just on #BiodiversityDay 2021) - Global :

"We're part of the solution #ForNature" - say it, do it!:

Following the flurry of activity on social media, in the UK and across the globe on #BiodiversityDay2021 to show support for biodiversity, it is important to continue to raise awareness for and support and celebrate nature and living sustainably. This is about looking at practical things we can do every day, raising awareness within our spheres of influence, within our family and friend units, within our communities, at work, helping research by watching and recording wildlife and ecosystems, observing, identifying, recording and monitoring, supporting and protecting nature and ecosystems, using sustainable techniques in our homes and gardens, on our way to work and at work, in our organisations, and so much more. There are some wonderful resources available to support taking action every day to raise awareness, taking positive action and instilling transformative change, not just on Biodiversity Day but every day.

Take action everyday #ForNature:

Here are a few useful links to resources that can help on this journey…

  • Get out in nature, observe and record what you see! That in itself is hugely important so we can see what is really happening to nature in real time. This is how we take nature's pulse to see how our planet is doing. And its proven to be good for our wellbeing to get out in nature; so it's not just good for biodiversity and for our planet but for us too!
  • iSpotnature.org are actively engaged in supporting and protecting biodiversity, pollinators, restoration and ecosystem restoration; all themes running through Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth (April 22nd) and World Environment Day: Ecosystem Restoration (5th June) echo these sentiments. Our Earth Day 2021 iSpotnature Celebration Of Observations From Restoration Sites Project is still running throughout April, May and June...taking us up to World Environment Day on 5th June 2021 and aptly timed with our iSpotnature.org 12th Anniversary too! More to come on this soon! Please do continue to use the tag Restoration for all observations made at restoration sites.
  • UN Biodiversity provided a booklet with 52 ideas to support biodiversity: 52 Tips For Biodiversity
  • Earth School: is a fantastic resource for students with 30 Quests for students around the world to celebrate, explore and connect with nature. The 6 week’s of activities is inspiring and perfectly timed for the upcoming Summer break!
  • WWF: Connect2Earth provides info on key dates coming up ahead for 2021 and Assets for Partners and Educators.
  • Let's Go Back Home: a comic book which intends to generate a deeper understanding on the Indigenous Peoples’ lives, worldviews, food systems, and the roles of Indigenous Women and Youth. Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) plans to celebrate all the way through from 22nd May to 5th June.
  • EU Environment has created a fantastic Advocacy Biodiversity Toolkit_en.pdf #ForNature.

Take part in policy activities:

Continue to learn more:

So if you want to get more engaged in citizen science activities and understand the impact you can have globally, why not try our free online badged open course, “Citizen science and global biodiversity". The course deals with the importance of biodiversity and explores how anyone can contribute to and be involved in identifying and recording wildlife, as a citizen scientist. It looks at what citizen science is, and how citizen science facilitates public involvement in scientific research activities as individuals learn and build skills.

And if you want to keep the momentum going after Biodiversity Day 2021 and the weekend celebrations and calls to raise awareness, why not look to our new OU/BBC programme, Plant Britain (Countryfile) for inspiration, which starts Sunday 23rd May on BBC1 at 5:50pm. Plant Britain is all about encouraging community gardens and planting wildflowers in a two-year initiative to help combat climate change, help wildlife and pollinators and transform our own wellbeing.

Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor help Bristol locals to create a community garden, and Charlotte Smith visits a project in Glasgow that is blooming. Sean Fletcher is in Northern Ireland with primary school children to find out about their field-to-fork project. Helen Skelton is with a young botanist who is on a mission to save our native wildflowers, while Joe Crowley discovers the secret life hidden in a special meadow in north Wales. The Natural History Museum do some cutting-edge soil and pond DNA forensics, and John Craven finds out how to do your bit no matter how small a space you have - from a pot on a windowsill to a balcony planter. Also, look out for special messages from some well-known faces.

This programme was commissioned by Broadcast and Partnerships and is supported by the Faculty of STEM, with particular relevance to our OU qualifications, Q52 BSc (Honours) Environmental Science, Q52 BSc (Honours) Environmental Science (Environmental Management) and Q64 BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Biology).

  • Commissioned by Dr Caroline Ogilvie, Head of Broadcast and Partnerships
  • Academic Consultants: Dr Clare Lawson and Professor David Gowing
  • Media Fellow: Dr Julia Cooke
  • Broadcast Project Manager: Clair Robinson
  • Digital Content Producer: Alison Tang

Visit our Broadcast pages on OpenLearn where you can find extensive resources and information on topics related to this programme, such as the diversity of meadows and ways to create your own meadow patch (please note: pages may not be live until transmission).

There is so much we can still do to be part of the solution #ForNature and iSpotnature.org is proud to continue to play an important role in this process.

23 May 2021
Rachel R