Earth Day 2021 is finally here! Welcome to our Earth Day celebrations

Earth Day 2021 is finally here! Welcome to our Earth Day celebrations - Global :

Did you know that today is the 51st Earth Day? Since 1970 April 22nd has been commemorated a global event of environmental action. Inspired by this movement is getting involved in the fight to protect the environment and support sustainability to Restore our Earth. In keeping with the theme of #RestoreOurEarth, which aligns with the five issues that EarthDay.Org has highlighted, i.e. Climate Action, Science & Education, People & Communities, Conservation & Restoration, Plastic & Pollution, we‘ve chosen to focus on Conservation & Restoration.

To highlight the huge benefits that restoration sites can provide for nature, we've created a project based on the Earth Day theme #RestoreOurEarth here: Earth Day 2021: iSpotnature Celebration of Observations from Restoration Sites. Restoration can help conservation, transform environments, create new habitats, boost biodiversity and our identification numbers, and maybe even avoid extinctions, all whilst helping to address global climate and environmental challenges.

We are looking at restoration sites across the UK and Ireland that our iSpotters visit to spend time in nature with. We want to help share these magical moments with wildlife with everyone, while you observe, record and identify nature or help others identify what they find! We are celebrating the restoration and habitat creation that has occurred in these beautiful places and hope you’ll join in today. To our regular iSpot users, who have already started to contribute, thank you. If you have not yet done so, please do join in! And if you are new to iSpot - Welcome! Please sign up and take part! Come and join our community of wildlife enthusiasts and experts and enjoy iSpotting for Earth Day 2021 and beyond! 

To see what has been added so far, or to add your own nature sightings and photographs include the tag Restoration, check out our project gallery here: Project Gallery: Earth Day 2021: iSpotnature celebration of observations from restoration sites.

iSpotnature Guide to adding your Earth Day restoration observations:

If you are new to iSpot, here are ten top tips to help you get the most out of your experience using the website and to make things easier for you to get involved with our Earth Day restoration celebration:

1. Browse observations: Look at some of the latest observations. Anyone can see what's on the site without registering, just go to the home page, and click on the photos for the latest observations.
2. Register: To join in the Earth Day activity you will need to register (it’s free!). Click on the Sign up to iSpot button and provide a username, email address, and password. Check your email for an iSpot account confirmation message.
3. Add an observation: Adding your own observations allows you to get more out of iSpot and participate fully. Click Add observation, then Choose your nature images taken at restoration sites for Earth Day and attach a photo or these photos of the wildlife observation you have seen.
4. Provide a location: Add a title; you can find your location on the map provided; upload a photo that has location information attached to it and the longitude and latitude will be automatically added; or fill in the fields. You can also add the OS Grid reference if you have it and any additional details about the location. You can tick Hide precise location if you do not want to reveal the precis location of the observation.
5. Observation details: Add a title to get your observation noticed, include the date observed and a description of the wildlife you have seen. Also add in a little information about the restoration site itself. Select the habitat where it was found i.e. garden and parks, woodland or freshwater.
6. Descriptive tags: Tags are sometimes added to help pull together a group of observations i.e. within an iSpot project. For this Earth Day Restoration celebration, add the tag Restoration to your observations to link through to our Restoration Site Project.
7. Add an identification: If you think you know the name of what you have seen, add a Scientific name or a Common name; select How sure you are about this and the Group. If you don’t know the name, don’t worry, just leave it blank and others in our iSpot Community will help you identify it.
8. Submit: Remember to click the Confirmation button to create your observation.
9.What to spot?: For help and advice on what to spot, where to see it, and how to identify it, select Explore community, open the Species browser and select the group pf wildlife that interests you. All wildlife and nature sightings are welcome.
10. Add agreements, IDs & comments: Once you are registered and have added an observation, you can also assist others by agreeing with or adding identifications to their observations. Click Filter by Group to view the latest posts that may interest you.

Take part and contribute to global Earth Day celebrations today and beyond!

Your contributions could get noticed by others across the globe! Our iSpotnature Earth Day Restoration Site project is part of the Earth 2021 global listing of events and activities. We want to see as many observations in there as possible, so do add yours today!

We are extending our project taking us through to Summer – the best time for wildlife sightings - taking us up to World Environment Day on 5th June, whose theme is Ecosystem Restoration, so celebrating restoration won’t just stop today! Please do keep adding in your observations throughout April, May and the beginning of June 2021 too.

Good luck and Happy Earth Day iSpotting!

We hope you enjoy taking part and you can sign up to plenty of other featured Earth Day 2021 events going on today as part of the Earth Day Summit itself, covering three days of climate action here: Day 2021.

Together, we can #RestoreOurEarth, so why not also join the live event at 5pm BST today here.

22 Apr 2021
Rachel R