iSpotnature and Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth

iSpotnature and Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth - Global :

iSpotnature is adding our community actions to a global voice with our Restoration Sites Project for Earth Day 2021. Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April 2021 and the theme this year is Restore Our Earth. In preparation, we are encouraging you to help us focus on collating observations from restoration sites on iSpot.

EarthDay.Org is recognised in countries around the world each year to drive meaningful action and transformative change for our planet highlighted across these issues: Climate Action, Science & Education, People & Communities, Conservation & Restoration, Plastic & Pollution. We‘ve chosen the Conservation & Restoration category focusing on Conservation & Biodiversity, to highlight the huge benefits that restoration sites can provide for nature. Restoration can help conservation, transform environments, create new habitats, boost biodiversity and our identification numbers, and maybe even avoid extinctions, all whilst helping to address global challenges. To learn more about the huge benefits of ecological restoration, read this The Conversation article: Restoring Nature 

We have set up the project ' Observations from Restoration Sites' and are using the tag `Restoration`: Please add this tag to your observations from restoration sites that you visit and provide a brief description of your observation, why your observations are from a restored area, with a short history of the site if you like. Restoring biodiversity means assisting damaged or destroyed ecosystems, which usually involves bringing back species that are found naturally in the area. That is why it is important to identify what naturally lives in the area you want to restore. See here for more detailed information on: restoration ecology and examples of restoration sites. 

For more inspiration and other ways to get involved, EarthDay.Org have created an inspiring list of '51 Ways To Restore Our Earth' Actions & Tips that you can follow, to make a difference every day of the year. We’ve taken a look and there are plenty to get started with, and for our iSpot community we’ve chosen to focus on Number 9. There are over 190 countries involved and they have shared their inspiring Earth Stories. We would like to share our iSpot community story here too, based on all our project observations for Earth Day on 22nd April.

There are many beautiful richly biodiverse restoration sites in the UK and globally around the world which now provide us with some incredible and valuable observations here on iSpot. It would be wonderful to see some of the benefits that these restoration sites provide for us, for our environment and for biodiversity in our observations on iSpot to celebrate this year’s Earth Day 2021. So, please do get iSpotting and don’t forget to add the tag `Restoration` so we can capture them all and help Restore Our Earth!

24 Mar 2021
Rachel R