Join the Cos4Cloud community and help co-design innovative technological services for citizen science!

Join the Cos4Cloud community and help co-design innovative technological services for citizen science! - Global :

Cos4Cloud, a European Horizon 2020 project to boost citizen science technologies, is developing eleven technological services to improve citizen science platforms i.e. citizen observatories (COs) by helping them to increase the quantity and the quality of observations. one of the four biodiversity COs that are part of this initiative and iSpot users have the opportunity to be part of the co-design community!

Registration is open to join the first two Cos4Cloud co-design sessions. The first workshop on Wednesday March 10, 2021 focusses on the Cos4Cloud Mobile Observation Integration Service (MOBIS) a service that will allow citizen scientists to customize their own project by collecting and combining all sorts of useful information from photographs or low-cost sensors linked to a mobile website or a native app platform. While for the second workshop on Thursday, March 11, 2021 you are invited to contribute to co-design Cos4Bio & Cos4Env platforms, two online platforms aimed at integrating observations on biodiversity (Cos4Bio) or environmental (Cos4Env) monitoring from various citizen observatories, potentially an enormous number of observations. 

Why join the workshops? You will enjoy informative, fun and creative sessions while directly contributing to citizen science technologies' improvement. How? You will be able to give your opinion and share your needs and requirements to maximize the technological services that Cos4Coud is developing. Participation for the Cos4Bio and Cos4Env session is open  to all but for the MOBIS session individuals with a technical background are invited to attend i.e. developers, developers from citizen observatories, phyton, R and Linux developers, front end and back office developers and mobile apps developers, citizen observatory designers, technology designers, etc.

Why participate? You will help boost citizen observatories' functionalities, such as artificial intelligence species identification, data integration from various citizen science platforms including iSpot, [email protected]  and Natusfera; data combination from sensors and photos, and camera traps improvement. You will also be an active part of the open science movement; Cos4Cloud's technological services are open source and are intended to be adapted and improved by the interested community.

Biological recorders, environmental or biodiversity experts, developers, data scientists, developers or workers of citizen observatories, university staff,  environmental students or professors, or anyone interested are invited to join, there are no prerequisites you only be willing to be part  a diverse group of people interested in citizen science, technology, and nature to co-create and test this new generation of technological services for citizen observatories.

Interested, but unable to participate in the workshops? You can still join the Cos4Cloud co-design community and get involved when you can. Click here for more information and to sign up.

03 Mar 2021
Janice A