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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeroidea, Histeridae, Trypanaeus
Trypanaeus bipustulatus, Trypanaeus thoracicus, Trypanaeus conulus, Trypanaeus cultratus, Trypanaeus foveatus, Trypanaeus laevisternus, Trypanaeus minax, Trypanaeus novulus, Trypanaeus quadrirostris, Trypanaeus schmidti, Trypanaeus signatus, Trypanaeus spinifrons, Trypanaeus transversalis, Trypanaeus vittulatus, Trypanaeus catharinensis, Trypanaeus hubenthali, Trypanaeus hispaniolus, Trypanaeus volvulus, Trypanaeus torpedo, Trypanaeus ampullaceus, Trypanaeus montivagus, Trypanaeus fasciatus, Trypanaeus plagiatus, Trypanaeus singularis, Trypanaeus cornifrons, Trypanaeus colombiae, Trypanaeus terebrans, Trypanaeus laevipennis, Trypanaeus junceus, Trypanaeus carinirostris, Trypanaeus ensifer, Trypanaeus flavipennis, Trypanaeus pictus, Trypanaeus quadricollis, Trypanaeus teres, Trypanaeus unituberculatus, Trypanaeus breviculus, Trypanaeus luteivestis, Trypanaeus miles, Trypanaeus noxius, Trypanaeus punctinotus, Trypanaeus bisulcifrons, Trypanaeus nasicornis, Trypanaeus sulcipygus, Trypanaeus obesus, Trypanaeus petropolitanus, Trypanaeus fucatus