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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeroidea, Histeridae, Bacanius
Bacanius consobrinus, Bacanius rugosifrons, Bacanius acicularis, Bacanius punctiger, Bacanius punctiformis, Bacanius norfolcensis, Bacanius suturalis, Bacanius mikado, Bacanius auctus, Bacanius hemisphaeroides, Bacanius lableri, Bacanius globulinus, Bacanius kurbatovi, Bacanius therondi, Bacanius vadoni, Bacanius borbonicus, Bacanius creolus, Bacanius mameti, Bacanius bougainvillei, Bacanius cooki, Bacanius laperousei, Bacanius kaszabi, Bacanius albiusi, Bacanius charriei, Bacanius comorensis, Bacanius insularis, Bacanius granulosus, Bacanius nobleti, Bacanius perreti, Bacanius riftensis, Bacanius wauensis, Bacanius greensladei, Bacanius lawrencei, Bacanius martensi, Bacanius collettei, Bacanius kapleri, Bacanius andrei, Bacanius tantillus, Bacanius scalptus, Bacanius humicola, Bacanius peruvianus, Bacanius ambiguus, Bacanius gestroi, Bacanius convergens, Bacanius angolensis, Bacanius leleupi, Bacanius quartus, Bacanius crenulatus, Bacanius rugisternus, Bacanius sulcisternus, Bacanius fauveli, Bacanius remingtoni, Bacanius hatchi, Bacanius africanus, Bacanius ferrugineus, Bacanius acuminatus, Bacanius debilitans, Bacanius peyrierasi, Bacanius franzi, Bacanius dentrecasteauxi, Bacanius baloghi, Bacanius gourvesi, Bacanius peckorum, Bacanius misellus, Bacanius irlanda, Bacanius montanus, Bacanius lucidus, Bacanius subcarinatus, Bacanius gomyi, Bacanius rombophorus, Bacanius usambaricus, Bacanius camerunus, Bacanius tonkinensis, Bacanius niponicus, Bacanius lotus, Bacanius christinae, Bacanius sculptisternus, Bacanius angulosus, Bacanius saegeri, Bacanius verschureni, Bacanius rhodesicus, Bacanius cinghalanus, Bacanius striatinotum, Bacanius similis, Bacanius szyszkoi, Bacanius permirus, Bacanius papulatus, Bacanius cavisternus, Bacanius schmidti, Bacanius bicolor