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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeroidea, Histeridae, Platysoma
Platysoma angustatum, Platysoma punctigerum, Platysoma yunnanum, Platysoma afghanum, Platysoma parallelum, Platysoma elongatum, Platysoma filiforme, Platysoma lineare, Platysoma coarctatum, Platysoma directum, Platysoma asiaticum, Platysoma cornix, Platysoma lineicolle, Platysoma bifoveolatum, Platysoma deficiens, Platysoma ineditum, Platysoma orientale, Platysoma cylindricum, Platysoma malignum, Platysoma attenuatum, Platysoma gracile, Platysoma basale, Platysoma gemellum, Platysoma deplanatum, Platysoma compressum, Platysoma aurelianum, Platysoma aequum, Platysoma paugami, Platysoma anceps, Platysoma schenklingi, Platysoma gibbum, Platysoma vulsum, Platysoma philippinicola, Platysoma raffrayi, Platysoma diremptum, Platysoma rimarium, Platysoma connexum, Platysoma joliveti, Platysoma beybienkoi, Platysoma inexpectatum, Platysoma apicipunctum, Platysoma caviceps, Platysoma conjungens, Platysoma multistriatum, Platysoma striativarium, Platysoma striativentre, Platysoma subcostatum, Platysoma celatum, Platysoma rasile, Platysoma vagans, Platysoma abyssinicum, Platysoma novum, Platysoma brevistriatum, Platysoma baliolum, Platysoma bipunctatum, Platysoma constrictum, Platysoma lucillum, Platysoma jejunum, Platysoma solivagum, Platysoma striatisternum, Platysoma chinense, Platysoma latimarginatum, Platysoma pictipenne, Platysoma scalptum, Platysoma thugnaum, Platysoma ruptistriatum, Platysoma rufopygum, Platysoma germanum, Platysoma incurvatum, Platysoma brahmani, Platysoma planiceps, Platysoma subdepressum, Platysoma leconti, Platysoma aureoliferum, Platysoma bifossopygum, Platysoma conditum, Platysoma debile, Platysoma dufali, Platysoma feles, Platysoma moluccanum, Platysoma torpens, Platysoma clarenciae, Platysoma completum, Platysoma georgii, Platysoma laevipygum, Platysoma striatipectum, Platysoma contritum, Platysoma hemistrium, Platysoma platipygum, Platysoma retrospectum, Platysoma suturistrium, Platysoma tribistriatum, Platysoma javanum, Platysoma bimaculatum, Platysoma koreanum, Platysoma minax, Platysoma sichuanum, Platysoma inapertum, Platysoma takehikoi, Platysoma tsushimae, Platysoma euphorbiae, Platysoma biimpressum, Platysoma semilineatum, Platysoma loriae, Platysoma coomani, Platysoma perroti