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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeroidea, Histeridae, Hister
Hister salvador, Hister lustrans, Hister subquadratus, Hister platanus, Hister salebrosus, Hister abhorrens, Hister capsirensis, Hister alienigena, Hister cavilabris, Hister mirus, Hister nachtigalli, Hister katangensis, Hister luvungiensis, Hister araucanus, Hister lagoi, Hister akatanga, Hister alegre, Hister catarinae, Hister cuna, Hister doyeni, Hister gringo, Hister guatemalica, Hister hormiguera, Hister janzeni, Hister kovariki, Hister malkini, Hister matador, Hister newtoni, Hister wenzeli, Hister guanacaste, Hister aheneus, Hister barkeri, Hister alluaudi, Hister laevifrons, Hister planepunctatus, Hister punctipygus, Hister pauli, Hister pygolaevis, Hister apicelaevis, Hister borneensis, Hister inexspectatus, Hister parumstriatus, Hister alticola, Hister leopoldi, Hister illigeri, Hister calidus, Hister coenosus, Hister nomas, Hister servus, Hister cruentus, Hister curvatus, Hister funestus, Hister lentulus, Hister melanarius, Hister moerens, Hister putridus, Hister sepulchralis, Hister abbreviatus, Hister bissexstriatus, Hister obesus, Hister viduus, Hister vilis, Hister humilis, Hister distans, Hister cooperi, Hister pustulosus, Hister bisquinquestriatus, Hister militaris, Hister lucanus, Hister laevipes, Hister grandicollis, Hister curtatus, Hister dispar, Hister civilis, Hister defectus, Hister furtivus, Hister montenegrinus, Hister hanka, Hister opacus, Hister paganus, Hister peregrinus, Hister pharaonis, Hister tropicola, Hister latimargo, Hister distinguendus, Hister divisifrons, Hister quadrinotatus, Hister falsus, Hister turanus, Hister ambulator, Hister saegeri, Hister kalaharii, Hister pulicarius, Hister helluo, Hister limbatus, Hister lugubris, Hister teter, Hister foveipygus, Hister mazuri, Hister paykullii, Hister caucasicus, Hister pushtunus, Hister simplicisternus, Hister concolor, Hister castus, Hister martius, Hister comes, Hister ciliatus, Hister bullatus, Hister montivagus, Hister nodatus, Hister circularis, Hister latistrius, Hister sikorae, Hister pransus, Hister planiformis, Hister sarcinatus, Hister sedulus, Hister striatipectus, Hister brahminius, Hister congonis, Hister laevimargo, Hister tricuspis, Hister dauphini, Hister bruchi, Hister lineisternus, Hister belti, Hister inflexus, Hister quadrimaculatus, Hister unicolor, Hister mediterraneus, Hister amphystrius, Hister californicus, Hister incertus, Hister aequatorius, Hister baconi, Hister bolivianus, Hister capicola, Hister cavifrons, Hister contemptus, Hister cribrurus, Hister diadema, Hister duplicatus, Hister encaustus, Hister furcipes, Hister gehini, Hister helluonides, Hister hipponensis, Hister japonicus, Hister latobius, Hister lissurus, Hister loandae, Hister niloticus, Hister rectisternus, Hister recurvus, Hister sallei, Hister semigranosus, Hister semiplanus, Hister sibiricus, Hister tristriatus, Hister lamaecola, Hister montanus, Hister thibetanus, Hister conductus, Hister coronatus, Hister criticus, Hister fessus, Hister litus, Hister pteromalus, Hister sedakovii, Hister shanghaicus, Hister spurius, Hister sturnus, Hister trigonifrons, Hister incisifrons, Hister putrescens, Hister bellicus, Hister haroldi, Hister furciger, Hister apis, Hister denysi, Hister pioti, Hister sohieri, Hister zulu, Hister ritsemae, Hister humpatanus, Hister zairensis, Hister bremeri, Hister ziczac, Hister nepalensis, Hister erbelingi, Hister judaicus, Hister punctifemur, Hister coreanus, Hister impunctatus, Hister atomos, Hister javanicus, Hister bipunctatus, Hister punctifer, Hister thoracicus, Hister tropicus, Hister guinensis, Hister megalonyx, Hister semenovi, Hister coprophilus, Hister gagatinus, Hister depurator, Hister indistinctus, Hister carinifrons, Hister fungicola, Hister congener, Hister maroccanus, Hister aschanti, Hister circulus, Hister nattereri, Hister obtusisternus, Hister canariensis, Hister sindarae