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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Staphylinoidea, Hydraenidae, Mesoceration
Mesoceration capense, Mesoceration transvaalense, Mesoceration abstrictum, Mesoceration apicalum, Mesoceration brevigranum, Mesoceration concessum, Mesoceration dissonum, Mesoceration distinctum, Mesoceration endroedyi, Mesoceration fusciceps, Mesoceration jucundum, Mesoceration languidum, Mesoceration pallidum, Mesoceration rivulare, Mesoceration rubidum, Mesoceration rufescens, Mesoceration splendorum, Mesoceration sulcatulum, Mesoceration truncatum, Mesoceration disjunctum, Mesoceration repandum, Mesoceration durabilis, Mesoceration reticulatum, Mesoceration rapidensis, Mesoceration periscopum, Mesoceration maluti, Mesoceration barriotum, Mesoceration incarinum, Mesoceration semicarinulum, Mesoceration compressum, Mesoceration integer, Mesoceration drakensbergensis, Mesoceration concavum, Mesoceration bicurvum, Mesoceration bispinum, Mesoceration natalensis, Mesoceration curvosum, Mesoceration longipennis, Mesoceration piceum, Mesoceration tabulare, Mesoceration littlekarroo, Mesoceration granulovestum, Mesoceration umbrosum