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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeroidea, Histeridae, Aeletes
Aeletes floridae, Aeletes atomarius, Aeletes ctenomyphilus, Aeletes confusus, Aeletes simplex, Aeletes basalis, Aeletes politus, Aeletes brevisternus, Aeletes gulliver, Aeletes laeviusculus, Aeletes simpliculus, Aeletes poeyi, Aeletes hopffgarteni, Aeletes clarulus, Aeletes angustisternus, Aeletes angustus, Aeletes eutretus, Aeletes germanus, Aeletes insolitus, Aeletes kauaiensis, Aeletes kukuiae, Aeletes laevis, Aeletes lanaiensis, Aeletes makaweliae, Aeletes mauiae, Aeletes minor, Aeletes molokaiae, Aeletes nepos, Aeletes ornatus, Aeletes parvulus, Aeletes perkinsi, Aeletes pulchellus, Aeletes punctatus, Aeletes sculptus, Aeletes similis, Aeletes solitarius, Aeletes subalatus, Aeletes subbasalis, Aeletes waianaae, Aeletes subrotundus, Aeletes haleakalae, Aeletes hawaiiensis, Aeletes daubani, Aeletes davidsoni, Aeletes fryeri, Aeletes gemmula, Aeletes monticola, Aeletes insignis, Aeletes jamaicus, Aeletes leai, Aeletes franzi, Aeletes flavitarsis, Aeletes concentricus, Aeletes facilis, Aeletes longipes, Aeletes aciculatus, Aeletes assimilis, Aeletes crenatus, Aeletes dybasi, Aeletes lissosternus, Aeletes rectistrius, Aeletes rugiceps, Aeletes rugipygus, Aeletes schwarzi, Aeletes subniger, Aeletes sulcipennis, Aeletes termitophilus, Aeletes troglodytes, Aeletes oromii, Aeletes swezeyi, Aeletes sharpi, Aeletes aldridgei, Aeletes scotti, Aeletes kaalae, Aeletes lewisi, Aeletes blackburni, Aeletes oahuensis, Aeletes neckerensis, Aeletes orioli, Aeletes fordi, Aeletes espanoli, Aeletes zimmermani, Aeletes mohihiensis, Aeletes kilaueae, Aeletes fuscus, Aeletes samuelsoni, Aeletes negrei, Aeletes romiae