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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Allopachria
Allopachria flavomaculata, Allopachria bimaculata, Allopachria quadrimaculata, Allopachria taiwana, Allopachria vietnamica, Allopachria wuzhifengensis, Allopachria grandis, Allopachria wangi, Allopachria abnormipenis, Allopachria balkei, Allopachria beeri, Allopachria dieterlei, Allopachria dudgeoni, Allopachria ernsti, Allopachria friedrichi, Allopachria froehlichi, Allopachria guidettii, Allopachria hautmanni, Allopachria hendrichi, Allopachria holmeni, Allopachria jaechi, Allopachria jendeki, Allopachria jilanzhui, Allopachria kodadai, Allopachria liselotteae, Allopachria sausai, Allopachria schillhammeri, Allopachria schoenmanni, Allopachria scholzi, Allopachria schramhauseri, Allopachria shepardi, Allopachria weinbergeri, Allopachria zetteli, Allopachria bianae, Allopachria guangdongensis, Allopachria hajeki, Allopachria jirii, Allopachria komareki, Allopachria manfredi, Allopachria miaowangi, Allopachria paolomazzoldii, Allopachria quadripustulata, Allopachria umbrosa