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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Herophydrus
Herophydrus guineensis, Herophydrus inquinatus, Herophydrus rufus, Herophydrus musicus, Herophydrus vaziranii, Herophydrus cleopatrae, Herophydrus nodieri, Herophydrus muticus, Herophydrus bilardoi, Herophydrus endroedyi, Herophydrus gigantoides, Herophydrus natator, Herophydrus nigrescens, Herophydrus wewalkai, Herophydrus ovalis, Herophydrus ignoratus, Herophydrus kalaharii, Herophydrus pauliani, Herophydrus janssensi, Herophydrus morandi, Herophydrus sudanensis, Herophydrus tribolus, Herophydrus discrepatus, Herophydrus pallidus, Herophydrus gschwendtneri, Herophydrus goldschmidti, Herophydrus reticulatus, Herophydrus rohani, Herophydrus ritsemae, Herophydrus assimilis, Herophydrus capensis, Herophydrus confusus, Herophydrus gigas, Herophydrus hyphoporoides, Herophydrus obsoletus, Herophydrus quadrilineatus, Herophydrus vittatus, Herophydrus variabilis, Herophydrus sjostedti, Herophydrus heros, Herophydrus obscurus, Herophydrus spadiceus, Herophydrus verticalis