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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Canthyporus
Canthyporus exilis, Canthyporus lateralis, Canthyporus hottentottus, Canthyporus sigillatus, Canthyporus bicinctus, Canthyporus canthydroides, Canthyporus kenyensis, Canthyporus aenigmaticus, Canthyporus nimius, Canthyporus turneri, Canthyporus wewalkai, Canthyporus alpestris, Canthyporus cooperae, Canthyporus navigator, Canthyporus pauliani, Canthyporus petulans, Canthyporus subparallelus, Canthyporus hynesi, Canthyporus regimbarti, Canthyporus parvus, Canthyporus fluviatilis, Canthyporus guignoti, Canthyporus guttatus, Canthyporus swaziensis, Canthyporus congener, Canthyporus alvei, Canthyporus angustatus, Canthyporus brincki, Canthyporus consuetus, Canthyporus latus, Canthyporus lowryi, Canthyporus nebulosus, Canthyporus planus, Canthyporus loeffleri, Canthyporus testaceus