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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Limbodessus
Limbodessus compactus, Limbodessus amabilis, Limbodessus gemellus, Limbodessus shuckardii, Limbodessus cheesmanae, Limbodessus rivulus, Limbodessus praelargus, Limbodessus inornatus, Limbodessus eberhardi, Limbodessus lapostaae, Limbodessus pulpa, Limbodessus windarraensis, Limbodessus kurutjutu, Limbodessus bigbellensis, Limbodessus cueensis, Limbodessus hahni, Limbodessus hinkleri, Limbodessus magnificus, Limbodessus morgani, Limbodessus challaensis, Limbodessus fridaywellensis, Limbodessus masonensis, Limbodessus pinnaclesensis, Limbodessus raesideensis, Limbodessus bialveus, Limbodessus cunyuensis, Limbodessus jundeeensis, Limbodessus karalundiensis, Limbodessus macrotarsus, Limbodessus silus, Limbodessus sweetwatersensis, Limbodessus wilunaensis, Limbodessus yuinmeryensis, Limbodessus hillviewensis, Limbodessus microocula, Limbodessus occidentalis, Limbodessus padburyensis, Limbodessus wogarthaensis, Limbodessus curviplicatus, Limbodessus atypicalis, Limbodessus barwidgeeensis, Limbodessus cooperi, Limbodessus exilis, Limbodessus gumwellensis, Limbodessus harleyi, Limbodessus leysi, Limbodessus macrohinkleri, Limbodessus melitaensis, Limbodessus micrommatoion, Limbodessus millbilliensis, Limbodessus mirandaae, Limbodessus nambiensis, Limbodessus narryerensis, Limbodessus palmulaoides, Limbodessus phoebeae, Limbodessus raeae, Limbodessus surreptitius, Limbodessus usitatus, Limbodessus yandalensis, Limbodessus insolitus, Limbodessus lornaensis, Limbodessus macrolornaensis, Limbodessus microbubba, Limbodessus micromelitaensis, Limbodessus murrumensis, Limbodessus nyungduo, Limbodessus ordinarius, Limbodessus trispinosus, Limbodessus yarrabubbaensis, Limbodessus capeensis