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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Exocelina
Exocelina melanaria, Exocelina perfecta, Exocelina polita, Exocelina subjecta, Exocelina atowaso, Exocelina hintelmannae, Exocelina marinae, Exocelina munaso, Exocelina vladimiri, Exocelina elongatula, Exocelina boulevardi, Exocelina gapa, Exocelina rasjadi, Exocelina allerbergeri, Exocelina barbarae, Exocelina brunoi, Exocelina shizong, Exocelina bagus, Exocelina casuarina, Exocelina aipo, Exocelina aipomek, Exocelina ascendens, Exocelina astrophallus, Exocelina bacchusi, Exocelina broschii, Exocelina damantiensis, Exocelina danae, Exocelina erteldi, Exocelina fume, Exocelina heidiae, Exocelina jaseminae, Exocelina karmurensis, Exocelina ketembang, Exocelina larsoni, Exocelina manfredi, Exocelina me, Exocelina miriae, Exocelina monae, Exocelina patepensis, Exocelina rivulus, Exocelina rufa, Exocelina sanctimontis, Exocelina takime, Exocelina talaki, Exocelina tarmluensis, Exocelina ullrichi, Exocelina desii, Exocelina messeri, Exocelina kainantuensis, Exocelina madangensis, Exocelina abdita, Exocelina parvula, Exocelina australiae, Exocelina australis, Exocelina simplex, Exocelina brownei, Exocelina glypta, Exocelina commatifera, Exocelina atrata, Exocelina atripennis, Exocelina nomax, Exocelina novaecaledoniae, Exocelina punctipennis, Exocelina rasilis, Exocelina aubei, Exocelina bimaculata, Exocelina interrupta, Exocelina atra, Exocelina ferruginea, Exocelina gracilis, Exocelina maculata, Exocelina burwelli, Exocelina charlottae, Exocelina creuxorum, Exocelina feryi, Exocelina flammi, Exocelina gaulorum, Exocelina gelima, Exocelina inexspectata, Exocelina jeannae, Exocelina koghis, Exocelina kolleri, Exocelina leae, Exocelina lilianae, Exocelina monteithi, Exocelina nielsi, Exocelina niklasi, Exocelina ouin, Exocelina poellabauerae, Exocelina remyi, Exocelina rotteri, Exocelina schoelleri, Exocelina simoni, Exocelina staneki