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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Bostrichoidea, Bostrichidae, Micrapate
Micrapate humeralis, Micrapate scabrata, Micrapate brunnipes, Micrapate scapularis, Micrapate dinoderoides, Micrapate xyloperthoides, Micrapate simplicipennis, Micrapate brasiliensis, Micrapate amplicollis, Micrapate atra, Micrapate brevipes, Micrapate cribripennis, Micrapate exigua, Micrapate fusca, Micrapate germaini, Micrapate horni, Micrapate obesa, Micrapate quadraticollis, Micrapate cristicauda, Micrapate mexicana, Micrapate bilobata, Micrapate labialis, Micrapate bicostula, Micrapate foraminata, Micrapate guatemalensis, Micrapate neglecta, Micrapate puberula, Micrapate pupulus, Micrapate sericeicollis, Micrapate unguiculata, Micrapate wagneri, Micrapate bruchi, Micrapate catamarcana, Micrapate cordobiana, Micrapate kiangana, Micrapate schoutedeni, Micrapate discrepans, Micrapate pinguis, Micrapate albertiana, Micrapate straeleni, Micrapate leechi