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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Bostrichoidea, Bostrichidae, Lichenophanes
Lichenophanes angustus, Lichenophanes fascicularis, Lichenophanes tristis, Lichenophanes insignitus, Lichenophanes fasciculatus, Lichenophanes verrucosus, Lichenophanes plicatus, Lichenophanes californicus, Lichenophanes varius, Lichenophanes armiger, Lichenophanes truncaticollis, Lichenophanes spectabilis, Lichenophanes bedeli, Lichenophanes caudatus, Lichenophanes fasciatus, Lichenophanes iniquus, Lichenophanes kunckeli, Lichenophanes penicillatus, Lichenophanes carinipennis, Lichenophanes morbillosus, Lichenophanes bicornis, Lichenophanes arizonicus, Lichenophanes albicans, Lichenophanes marmoratus, Lichenophanes martini, Lichenophanes numida, Lichenophanes oberthuri, Lichenophanes perrieri, Lichenophanes corticeus, Lichenophanes weissi, Lichenophanes egenus, Lichenophanes percristatus, Lichenophanes zanzibaricus, Lichenophanes egregius, Lichenophanes tuberosus, Lichenophanes indutus, Lichenophanes katanganus, Lichenophanes funebris, Lichenophanes rutilans, Lichenophanes bechyneorum, Lichenophanes collarti