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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Myrtales, Melastomataceae, Phyllagathis
Phyllagathis ovalifolia, Phyllagathis setotheca, Phyllagathis stenophylla, Phyllagathis plagiopetala, Phyllagathis melastomatoides, Phyllagathis hispidissima, Phyllagathis oligotricha, Phyllagathis deltoidea, Phyllagathis ternata, Phyllagathis velutina, Phyllagathis gracilis, Phyllagathis longiradiosa, Phyllagathis longearistata, Phyllagathis latisepala, Phyllagathis scorpiothyrsoides, Phyllagathis tetrandra, Phyllagathis elattandra, Phyllagathis cavaleriei, Phyllagathis asarifolia, Phyllagathis erecta, Phyllagathis cymigera, Phyllagathis hainanensis, Phyllagathis fengii, Phyllagathis tentaculifera, Phyllagathis tuberosa, Phyllagathis siamensis, Phyllagathis marumiaetricha, Phyllagathis megalocentra, Phyllagathis brevipedunculata, Phyllagathis dichotoma, Phyllagathis driessenioides, Phyllagathis longicalcarata, Phyllagathis prostrata, Phyllagathis sessilifolia, Phyllagathis suberalata, Phyllagathis subrotunda, Phyllagathis truncata, Phyllagathis longifolia, Phyllagathis longispicata, Phyllagathis beccariana, Phyllagathis brookei, Phyllagathis cordata, Phyllagathis elliptica, Phyllagathis gigantifolia, Phyllagathis griffithii, Phyllagathis guillauminii, Phyllagathis gymnantha, Phyllagathis hispida, Phyllagathis peltata, Phyllagathis pulcherrima, Phyllagathis rotundifolia, Phyllagathis scortechinii, Phyllagathis tonkinensis, Phyllagathis tuberculata, Phyllagathis stolonifera, Phyllagathis atroviolacea, Phyllagathis jacobsiana, Phyllagathis osmantha, Phyllagathis penrissenensis, Phyllagathis rufa