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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Hydroglyphus
Hydroglyphus grammopterus, Hydroglyphus instriatus, Hydroglyphus gabonicus, Hydroglyphus perssoni, Hydroglyphus roeri, Hydroglyphus bilardoi, Hydroglyphus incisus, Hydroglyphus incognitus, Hydroglyphus intermedius, Hydroglyphus rocchii, Hydroglyphus pseudoctoguttatus, Hydroglyphus sinuspersicus, Hydroglyphus balkei, Hydroglyphus flaviculus, Hydroglyphus socotraensis, Hydroglyphus shalensis, Hydroglyphus flumineus, Hydroglyphus paludivagus, Hydroglyphus kalaharii, Hydroglyphus pseudogeminus, Hydroglyphus noteroides, Hydroglyphus annamita, Hydroglyphus circulatus, Hydroglyphus inconstans, Hydroglyphus divisus, Hydroglyphus transvaalensis, Hydroglyphus baeri, Hydroglyphus capitatus, Hydroglyphus dakarensis, Hydroglyphus flavoguttatus, Hydroglyphus geminodes, Hydroglyphus koppi, Hydroglyphus ovatus, Hydroglyphus infirmus, Hydroglyphus lineolatus, Hydroglyphus borkuanus, Hydroglyphus speculum, Hydroglyphus orientalis, Hydroglyphus thienemanni, Hydroglyphus geminus, Hydroglyphus strigicollis, Hydroglyphus hummeli, Hydroglyphus licenti, Hydroglyphus trassaerti, Hydroglyphus lenzi, Hydroglyphus splendidus, Hydroglyphus vitchumwii, Hydroglyphus regimbarti, Hydroglyphus apertus, Hydroglyphus marmottani, Hydroglyphus leai, Hydroglyphus pendjabensis, Hydroglyphus fulvaster, Hydroglyphus angulolineatus, Hydroglyphus erannus, Hydroglyphus hamulatus, Hydroglyphus plagiatus, Hydroglyphus angularis, Hydroglyphus confusus, Hydroglyphus signatellus, Hydroglyphus kifunei, Hydroglyphus fufai, Hydroglyphus milkoi, Hydroglyphus luteolus, Hydroglyphus crassifrons, Hydroglyphus mysorensis, Hydroglyphus zanzibarensis, Hydroglyphus aethiopicus, Hydroglyphus amamiensis, Hydroglyphus pentagrammus, Hydroglyphus farquharensis, Hydroglyphus japonicus, Hydroglyphus daemeli, Hydroglyphus flammulatus, Hydroglyphus fuscipennis, Hydroglyphus godeffroyi, Hydroglyphus laeticulus, Hydroglyphus major, Hydroglyphus orthogrammus, Hydroglyphus signatus, Hydroglyphus sordidus, Hydroglyphus striola, Hydroglyphus transversus, Hydroglyphus pradhani, Hydroglyphus gujaratensis, Hydroglyphus basalis, Hydroglyphus mastersii, Hydroglyphus trifasciatus, Hydroglyphus lobulatus