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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Myrtales, Melastomataceae, Mouriri
Mouriri domingensis, Mouriri myrtilloides, Mouriri cyphocarpa, Mouriri francavillana, Mouriri guianensis, Mouriri angustifolia, Mouriri brachyanthera, Mouriri cauliflora, Mouriri crassifolia, Mouriri elliptica, Mouriri eugeniifolia, Mouriri gardneri, Mouriri muelleri, Mouriri pauciflora, Mouriri sideroxylon, Mouriri trunciflora, Mouriri vernicosa, Mouriri helleri, Mouriri sagotiana, Mouriri completens, Mouriri exilis, Mouriri gleasoniana, Mouriri steyermarkii, Mouriri osaensis, Mouriri oligantha, Mouriri floribunda, Mouriri myrtifolia, Mouriri grandiflora, Mouriri tessmannii, Mouriri exadenia, Mouriri nigra, Mouriri nervosa, Mouriri apiranga, Mouriri huberi, Mouriri retentipetala, Mouriri peruviana, Mouriri acutiflora, Mouriri angulicosta, Mouriri brevipes, Mouriri collocarpa, Mouriri ficoides, Mouriri latihila, Mouriri longifolia, Mouriri densifoliata, Mouriri subumbellata, Mouriri uncitheca, Mouriri micranthera, Mouriri papillosa, Mouriri panamensis, Mouriri crassisepala, Mouriri colombiana, Mouriri impressinerva, Mouriri arenicola, Mouriri laxiflora, Mouriri glazioviana, Mouriri pusa, Mouriri pseudogeminata, Mouriri obtusiloba, Mouriri bahiensis, Mouriri regeliana, Mouriri doriana, Mouriri torquata, Mouriri duckeanoides, Mouriri duckeana, Mouriri micradenia, Mouriri ambiconvexa, Mouriri froesii, Mouriri pachyphylla, Mouriri lancifolia, Mouriri monopora, Mouriri spathulata, Mouriri gonavensis, Mouriri tuberculata, Mouriri emarginata, Mouriri dimorphandra, Mouriri chamissoana, Mouriri spruceana, Mouriri valenzuelana, Mouriri cearensis, Mouriri lunatanthera, Mouriri arborea, Mouriri dumetosa, Mouriri megasperma, Mouriri sellowiana, Mouriri pranceana, Mouriri viridicosta, Mouriri rhizophorifolia, Mouriri barinensis