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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Gryllidae, Mistshenkoana
Mistshenkoana vanuatu, Mistshenkoana uniformis, Mistshenkoana rufa, Mistshenkoana kukum, Mistshenkoana designata, Mistshenkoana baduri, Mistshenkoana symmetrica, Mistshenkoana solomonica, Mistshenkoana rennell, Mistshenkoana ralum, Mistshenkoana polyphemus, Mistshenkoana pileata, Mistshenkoana ounua, Mistshenkoana malakula, Mistshenkoana longa, Mistshenkoana lata, Mistshenkoana kolobagara, Mistshenkoana erromango, Mistshenkoana decora, Mistshenkoana asymmetrica, Mistshenkoana anatom, Mistshenkoana reticulata, Mistshenkoana propria, Mistshenkoana discreta, Mistshenkoana proxima, Mistshenkoana borneo, Mistshenkoana hulu, Mistshenkoana tembelingi, Mistshenkoana pangrango, Mistshenkoana nigrifrons, Mistshenkoana abbreviata, Mistshenkoana sumbawae, Mistshenkoana ornata, Mistshenkoana aperta, Mistshenkoana kisarani, Mistshenkoana padangi, Mistshenkoana buonluoi, Mistshenkoana anisyutkini, Mistshenkoana nhachangi, Mistshenkoana weta, Mistshenkoana vitiensis, Mistshenkoana surda, Mistshenkoana sharovi, Mistshenkoana ouveus, Mistshenkoana kongtumensis, Mistshenkoana gracilis, Mistshenkoana fijiensis, Mistshenkoana chopardi, Mistshenkoana caudatus, Mistshenkoana beybienkoi, Mistshenkoana belokobylskiji, Mistshenkoana angustifrons