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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Stratiomyidae, Psellidotus
Psellidotus abditus, Psellidotus annamariae, Psellidotus atrifacies, Psellidotus aztecanus, Psellidotus caloceps, Psellidotus comma, Psellidotus concinnatus, Psellidotus dasyops, Psellidotus defectus, Psellidotus elegans, Psellidotus fenestratus, Psellidotus flavicornis, Psellidotus formosus, Psellidotus fulvicornis, Psellidotus gagatigaster, Psellidotus goniophorus, Psellidotus hieroglyphicus, Psellidotus hypomelas, Psellidotus inermis, Psellidotus maculifrons, Psellidotus macalpini, Psellidotus meganticus, Psellidotus micheneri, Psellidotus nasiferus, Psellidotus novellus, Psellidotus obscurus, Psellidotus occipitalis, Psellidotus pictus, Psellidotus protrudens, Psellidotus robustus, Psellidotus rubricornis, Psellidotus rufipennis, Psellidotus similis, Psellidotus snowi, Psellidotus stonei, Psellidotus texasianus, Psellidotus viridis, Psellidotus fascifrons, Psellidotus atriventris, Psellidotus auripes, Psellidotus bonariensis, Psellidotus inflatus, Psellidotus lucens, Psellidotus panamensis, Psellidotus pictifrons