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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Sciaridae, Pseudozygoneura
Pseudozygoneura brevispina, Pseudozygoneura integra, Pseudozygoneura crinita, Pseudozygoneura quadrifalx, Pseudozygoneura consilia, Pseudozygoneura trichodactyla, Pseudozygoneura latidactyla, Pseudozygoneura indotata, Pseudozygoneura torula, Pseudozygoneura clavula, Pseudozygoneura excisa, Pseudozygoneura ghanaensis, Pseudozygoneura protrusa, Pseudozygoneura senticosa, Pseudozygoneura kirkspriggsi, Pseudozygoneura denticula, Pseudozygoneura index, Pseudozygoneura brevimera, Pseudozygoneura foveola, Pseudozygoneura epsilon, Pseudozygoneura crassichaeta, Pseudozygoneura acuminata, Pseudozygoneura spicicauda, Pseudozygoneura clinostyla, Pseudozygoneura coniciformis, Pseudozygoneura expedita, Pseudozygoneura coronicornis, Pseudozygoneura redunca, Pseudozygoneura prominula, Pseudozygoneura sagitta, Pseudozygoneura intermedia, Pseudozygoneura aurora, Pseudozygoneura constricta, Pseudozygoneura conica, Pseudozygoneura lagena, Pseudozygoneura delicia, Pseudozygoneura collina, Pseudozygoneura flagelloparva, Pseudozygoneura clavigera, Pseudozygoneura gigas, Pseudozygoneura dactylica, Pseudozygoneura musicola