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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Psychodidae, Satchelliella
Satchelliella narsanica, Satchelliella sandaliae, Satchelliella bucegiana, Satchelliella schachti, Satchelliella reghayana, Satchelliella tarae, Satchelliella kandavanica, Satchelliella ussurica, Satchelliella distincta, Satchelliella ariegica, Satchelliella arvernica, Satchelliella borealis, Satchelliella bucegica, Satchelliella canariensis, Satchelliella canescens, Satchelliella compta, Satchelliella crispi, Satchelliella cubitospinosa, Satchelliella delphiniensis, Satchelliella dissimilis, Satchelliella extricata, Satchelliella fonticola, Satchelliella gracilis, Satchelliella hellenica, Satchelliella hirticornis, Satchelliella inflata, Satchelliella joosti, Satchelliella longistylis, Satchelliella malickyi, Satchelliella marinkovici, Satchelliella mutua, Satchelliella nubila, Satchelliella opaca, Satchelliella palustris, Satchelliella pilularia, Satchelliella plumicornis, Satchelliella propinqua, Satchelliella pyrenaica, Satchelliella stammeri, Satchelliella stylata, Satchelliella sziladyi, Satchelliella thomasi, Satchelliella tjentistensis, Satchelliella trivialis, Satchelliella vaillanti, Satchelliella vandeli, Satchelliella omogoensis