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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Blephariceridae, Kelloggina
Kelloggina bocinae, Kelloggina brevicornia, Kelloggina brevivectis, Kelloggina cataguasi, Kelloggina gomezi, Kelloggina cherentesi, Kelloggina edwardsi, Kelloggina guaianasi, Kelloggina guarani, Kelloggina laemmerti, Kelloggina rabelloi, Kelloggina shannoni, Kelloggina tamoioi, Kelloggina tapuiasi, Kelloggina timbira, Kelloggina travassosi, Kelloggina willistoni, Kelloggina chilena, Kelloggina disticha, Kelloggina fascibranchia, Kelloggina garciana, Kelloggina granulipupa, Kelloggina hirtipupa, Kelloggina horrens, Kelloggina incerta, Kelloggina lorenzi, Kelloggina mochlura, Kelloggina muelleri, Kelloggina pluripunctata, Kelloggina spinivectis, Kelloggina tetragonura, Kelloggina tetrasticha, Kelloggina rufescens, Kelloggina torrentium