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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Balclutha
Balclutha nicolasi, Balclutha lucidus, Balclutha saltuellus, Balclutha peregrina, Balclutha aurantiigera, Balclutha nigromaculatus, Balclutha fumigatus, Balclutha neglecta, Balclutha volcanicola, Balclutha nevadensis, Balclutha trilineata, Balclutha vermiculatus, Balclutha eremica, Balclutha delicatus, Balclutha rosaceus, Balclutha tumidus, Balclutha distincta, Balclutha aridula, Balclutha alata, Balclutha yanchepensis, Balclutha spiniloba, Balclutha abdominalis, Balclutha robusta, Balclutha rubrostriatus, Balclutha rubrinervis, Balclutha lineolata, Balclutha impictus, Balclutha flavescens, Balclutha plutonis, Balclutha timberlakei, Balclutha auranticula, Balclutha arhenana, Balclutha apicula, Balclutha fuscina, Balclutha youngi, Balclutha petrusa, Balclutha fuscifrons, Balclutha obunca, Balclutha mexicana, Balclutha incompta, Balclutha diluta, Balclutha denticula, Balclutha caldwelli, Balclutha krameri, Balclutha calamagrostis, Balclutha thea, Balclutha chiasma, Balclutha cochrani, Balclutha delongi, Balclutha tiaowena, Balclutha zaisanica, Balclutha woldai, Balclutha wilsoni, Balclutha uncinata, Balclutha noonadana, Balclutha cheesmanae, Balclutha bacchusi, Balclutha distenda, Balclutha dufela, Balclutha asymmetrica, Balclutha bilobata, Balclutha composa, Balclutha sujawalensis, Balclutha bulbosa, Balclutha batuensis, Balclutha rieki, Balclutha dunaca, Balclutha flagellata, Balclutha jafara, Balclutha alstoni, Balclutha pseudorosea, Balclutha simplex, Balclutha pararubrostriata, Balclutha thaiensis, Balclutha sinuata, Balclutha viraktamathi, Balclutha bispinosa, Balclutha diversa, Balclutha punctata, Balclutha nambai, Balclutha phoxocephala, Balclutha usitata, Balclutha lobata, Balclutha grandis, Balclutha nigriventris, Balclutha gangesiensis, Balclutha rothi, Balclutha flavella, Balclutha knulli, Balclutha sandersi, Balclutha brevis, Balclutha bifasciatus, Balclutha chersonesia, Balclutha arctica, Balclutha pellucens, Balclutha botelensis, Balclutha chloroptera, Balclutha curvata, Balclutha kuroiwae, Balclutha varicolor, Balclutha rhenana, Balclutha viridinervis, Balclutha boica, Balclutha clockstripa, Balclutha brownstripa, Balclutha flavidella, Balclutha fuscomaculatus, Balclutha incisa