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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Agallia
Agallia biplagiata, Agallia cuneata, Agallia rugosa, Agallia consobrina, Agallia mauritanica, Agallia modesta, Agallia assimilis, Agallia campbelli, Agallia aliena, Agallia robustus, Agallia albovenosa, Agallia dorsalis, Agallia plotina, Agallia obsoleta, Agallia oceanides, Agallia paraobusta, Agallia sinica, Agallia lindbergi, Agallia mutilata, Agallia elongata, Agallia harrarensis, Agallia lineata, Agallia lautus, Agallia minuta, Agallia frisia, Agallia obscuripennis, Agallia limbata, Agallia interrogationis, Agallia phalerata, Agallia janaka, Agallia intermedia, Agallia xavieri, Agallia insularis, Agallia hispanica, Agallia sabulicola, Agallia seriphidii, Agallia bhuntra, Agallia camphorosmatis, Agallia hottentotta, Agallia leda, Agallia parvicauda, Agallia serrana, Agallia varzeana, Agallia viraktamathi, Agallia striolaris, Agallia planus, Agallia cordata, Agallia sobrina, Agallia stenagalloides, Agallia srinagarensis, Agallia evansi, Agallia saxicola, Agallia distincta, Agallia delhiensis, Agallia firdausica, Agallia furcostyli, Agallia pseudorobusta, Agallia pyreneica, Agallia manauara, Agallia adunca, Agallia simplex, Agallia subflava, Agallia linnavuorii, Agallia corneola, Agallia complexa, Agallia copiosa, Agallia fluminensis, Agallia longistilata, Agallia silvai, Agallia hansoni, Agallia carioca, Agallia brasiliana, Agallia una, Agallia dissimilis, Agallia cezia, Agallia halophila, Agallia venosa