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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Calodia
Calodia obscurus, Calodia inclinans, Calodia yayeyamae, Calodia rama, Calodia ostentus, Calodia guttivena, Calodia punctivena, Calodia serrata, Calodia sparsispinulata, Calodia spinocava, Calodia tripectinata, Calodia warei, Calodia robusta, Calodia multipectinata, Calodia trispinata, Calodia claustra, Calodia bispinata, Calodia pica, Calodia barnesi, Calodia hemicycla, Calodia inaequalis, Calodia jonesi, Calodia lateralis, Calodia kirkaldyi, Calodia cumula, Calodia obliqua, Calodia bispinosa, Calodia longistyla, Calodia martini, Calodia attenuata, Calodia multispinata, Calodia paracava, Calodia paucita, Calodia laosensis, Calodia webbi, Calodia vicina, Calodia longispina, Calodia obliquasimilaris, Calodia apicalis, Calodia spinifera, Calodia quadrispinata, Calodia siberutensis, Calodia grandis, Calodia subcrista, Calodia falx, Calodia paraobscura, Calodia kodikanelensis, Calodia pennata, Calodia sulawesiensis, Calodia iniquitas, Calodia paraostenta, Calodia yunnanensis, Calodia bifurcata, Calodia centata, Calodia setulosa, Calodia lii, Calodia harpagota