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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Frequenamia
Frequenamia saranensis, Frequenamia quimilica, Frequenamia sparsus, Frequenamia lacerdae, Frequenamia guerrera, Frequenamia crassistylus, Frequenamia armata, Frequenamia inhabilis, Frequenamia loricatus, Frequenamia venosulus, Frequenamia chapadensis, Frequenamia pasoensis, Frequenamia estebana, Frequenamia vicosa, Frequenamia cirrofasciata, Frequenamia pulchra, Frequenamia hasemani, Frequenamia cavifrons, Frequenamia plena, Frequenamia confusa, Frequenamia fulvulus, Frequenamia ramosa, Frequenamia reticulatus, Frequenamia spiniventris, Frequenamia clypeatus, Frequenamia blandita, Frequenamia rava, Frequenamia nordestina, Frequenamia venustula, Frequenamia elegantiae, Frequenamia fumiae, Frequenamia baiana, Frequenamia capixaba, Frequenamia festiva, Frequenamia bifida, Frequenamia incus, Frequenamia apiculata, Frequenamia bicuspidata, Frequenamia ambrosia, Frequenamia jucunda, Frequenamia aureola, Frequenamia litorea