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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Hecalus
Hecalus reticulatus, Hecalus ribauti, Hecalus bahrabiad, Hecalus aurora, Hecalus atreus, Hecalus aither, Hecalus adnexus, Hecalus furcatus, Hecalus fuscovittatus, Hecalus imitans, Hecalus kengeanus, Hecalus longicauda, Hecalus plagiatus, Hecalus carinatus, Hecalus thailandensis, Hecalus macilentus, Hecalus paraumballaensis, Hecalus pusae, Hecalus ghaurii, Hecalus morrisoni, Hecalus finnamorei, Hecalus dentatus, Hecalus tuberculatus, Hecalus caudatus, Hecalus compressus, Hecalus lippensi, Hecalus nitobei, Hecalus atascaderus, Hecalus prasinus, Hecalus major, Hecalus lutescens, Hecalus misranus, Hecalus paykulli, Hecalus nervosus, Hecalus wallengrenii, Hecalus virescens, Hecalus umballaensis, Hecalus rubens, Hecalus facialis, Hecalus thomsonii, Hecalus kansiensis, Hecalus dubius, Hecalus lefroyi, Hecalus ferrugineus, Hecalus glaucescens, Hecalus hepneri, Hecalus lacteus, Hecalus tripunctatus, Hecalus pallescens, Hecalus aegyptiacus, Hecalus godavariensis, Hecalus eximius, Hecalus curtus, Hecalus viridis, Hecalus montanus, Hecalus nigrafasciatus, Hecalus nimbosus, Hecalus sindhensis, Hecalus henanus, Hecalus chilensis