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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Drabescus
Drabescus ineffectus, Drabescus remotus, Drabescus nitens, Drabescus notatus, Drabescus nervosopunctatus, Drabescus natalensis, Drabescus conspicuus, Drabescus vitreus, Drabescus atratus, Drabescus angulatus, Drabescus kempi, Drabescus samoanus, Drabescus stramineus, Drabescus nigrofascialis, Drabescus pallidus, Drabescus ogumae, Drabescus nitobei, Drabescus nigrifemoratus, Drabescus formosanus, Drabescus breviolus, Drabescus gressitti, Drabescus modestus, Drabescus kaindii, Drabescus feraminensis, Drabescus brunneus, Drabescus sirunkensis, Drabescus flavicollis, Drabescus piceatus, Drabescus fuscorufous, Drabescus extensus, Drabescus shillongensis, Drabescus minipenis, Drabescus piceus, Drabescus henanensis, Drabescus testaceus, Drabescus pellucidus, Drabescus evansi, Drabescus lii, Drabescus albostriatus, Drabescus jinxiuensis, Drabescus lamellatus, Drabescus vilbastei, Drabescus furcatus, Drabescus yoshitakei