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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Docalidia
Docalidia truncatus, Docalidia limpidosparsa, Docalidia meditabundus, Docalidia spinosus, Docalidia lugubris, Docalidia pallidus, Docalidia dentatula, Docalidia ferriplena, Docalidia mysticus, Docalidia montanus, Docalidia foveatus, Docalidia loricatus, Docalidia rufipennis, Docalidia triangularis, Docalidia ruficosta, Docalidia cinnamomeus, Docalidia ampliata, Docalidia moestus, Docalidia pusilla, Docalidia setacea, Docalidia multidentata, Docalidia sinuata, Docalidia spangleri, Docalidia spatulata, Docalidia serra, Docalidia stali, Docalidia pugiuncula, Docalidia spendlovei, Docalidia scopa, Docalidia scaura, Docalidia rutra, Docalidia rozeni, Docalidia subcrista, Docalidia rema, Docalidia triquetra, Docalidia pudica, Docalidia permagna, Docalidia pennyi, Docalidia robertsi, Docalidia vella, Docalidia zanoli, Docalidia youngi, Docalidia pectinata, Docalidia woodi, Docalidia wardi, Docalidia vidanoi, Docalidia vesica, Docalidia triangulata, Docalidia venezuelensis, Docalidia subvilla, Docalidia unca, Docalidia uberia, Docalidia tuberculata, Docalidia triplehorni, Docalidia tincta, Docalidia thola, Docalidia thatcheri, Docalidia taylori, Docalidia venusta, Docalidia bispinata, Docalidia crista, Docalidia exilis, Docalidia evansi, Docalidia emmrichi, Docalidia elliotti, Docalidia dorsti, Docalidia dolabra, Docalidia diversa, Docalidia discissa, Docalidia digitata, Docalidia boliviensis, Docalidia fibra, Docalidia patula, Docalidia flexa, Docalidia bipenicula, Docalidia breddini, Docalidia brevis, Docalidia bucina, Docalidia delongi, Docalidia cassityi, Docalidia caterva, Docalidia curvata, Docalidia colombiensis, Docalidia convexa, Docalidia corneola, Docalidia bistyla, Docalidia metcalfi, Docalidia fabricii, Docalidia krameri, Docalidia lappa, Docalidia lateralis, Docalidia lobata, Docalidia knighti, Docalidia mcintoshi, Docalidia jacobii, Docalidia bifurcata, Docalidia multispiculata, Docalidia nuda, Docalidia omani, Docalidia oreillyi, Docalidia paracrista, Docalidia longifragilis, Docalidia hansoni, Docalidia frondosa, Docalidia glabra, Docalidia gladia, Docalidia gracilis, Docalidia grandis, Docalidia fortis, Docalidia hawsi, Docalidia hirsuta, Docalidia iacula, Docalidia insolita, Docalidia gracilitas, Docalidia paraserra, Docalidia danieli, Docalidia zacharyi, Docalidia paragracilis, Docalidia zanolae, Docalidia bracchia, Docalidia spira, Docalidia morosa, Docalidia simplex, Docalidia latebra, Docalidia nitida, Docalidia tenuatis, Docalidia steveni, Docalidia dextra, Docalidia oblonga, Docalidia paradiscissa, Docalidia adami, Docalidia matthewi, Docalidia filamenta, Docalidia ampla, Docalidia viracitas, Docalidia egregia, Docalidia longicrista, Docalidia testa, Docalidia argutiae, Docalidia lamina, Docalidia temeratis, Docalidia ryani, Docalidia ferruginea