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Catalogue of Life
Fungi and Lichens
Fungi, Ascomycota, Saccharomycetes, Saccharomycetales, Pichiaceae, Pichia
Pichia deserticola, Pichia scaptomyzae, Pichia pseudocactophila, Pichia nakasei, Pichia barkeri, Pichia galeiformis, Pichia membranifaciens, Pichia kluyveri, Pichia cactophila, Pichia heedii, Pichia norvegensis, Pichia tannicola, Pichia nongkratonensis, Pichia myanmarensis, Pichia thermomethanolica, Pichia siamensis, Pichia ofunaensis, Pichia punctispora, Pichia eremophila, Pichia cephalocereana, Pichia rarassimilans, Pichia garciniae, Pichia occidentalis, Pichia exigua, Pichia cecembensis, Pichia koratensis, Pichia fermentans