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Catalogue of Life
Fungi and Lichens
Fungi, Ascomycota, Saccharomycetes, Saccharomycetales, Not assigned, Candida
Candida tsuchiyae, Candida saitoana, Candida bertae, Candida castrensis, Candida coipomensis, Candida llanquihuensis, Candida petrohuensis, Candida railenensis, Candida santjacobensis, Candida sequanensis, Candida sophiae-reginae, Candida montana, Candida rhagii, Candida fennica, Candida ethanolica, Candida methanosorbosa, Candida succiphila, Candida populi, Candida tanzawaensis, Candida pseudolambica, Candida palmioleophila, Candida ovalis, Candida lyxosophila, Candida floricola, Candida glucosophila, Candida vaccinii, Candida nanaspora, Candida intermedia, Candida parapsilosis, Candida dubliniensis, Candida zeylanoides, Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, Candida apis, Candida sake, Candida catenulata, Candida mesenterica, Candida tenuis, Candida membranifaciens, Candida natalensis, Candida solani, Candida viswanathii, Candida anatomiae, Candida apicola, Candida auringiensis, Candida azyma, Candida boleticola, Candida bombicola, Candida buinensis, Candida castellii, Candida chilensis, Candida conglobata, Candida dendrica, Candida dendronema, Candida diversa, Candida entomophila, Candida ergatensis, Candida ernobii, Candida etchellsii, Candida fermenticarens, Candida fluviatilis, Candida fructus, Candida geochares, Candida glabrata, Candida gropengiesseri, Candida haemulonis, Candida homilentoma, Candida humilis, Candida inconspicua, Candida insectalens, Candida insectamans, Candida insectorum, Candida kruisii, Candida magnoliae, Candida maris, Candida maritima, Candida nemodendra, Candida nitratophila, Candida norvegica, Candida pararugosa, Candida pignaliae, Candida pinus, Candida pseudointermedia, Candida psychrophila, Candida quercuum, Candida rugopelliculosa, Candida salmanticensis, Candida savonica, Candida schatavii, Candida silvanorum, Candida silvatica, Candida silvicultrix, Candida sonorensis, Candida sorbophila, Candida sorboxylosa, Candida spandovensis, Candida stellata, Candida torresii, Candida valdiviana, Candida vanderwaltii, Candida vartiovaarae, Candida versatilis, Candida vini, Candida wickerhamii, Candida atmosphaerica, Candida berthetii, Candida blankii, Candida bombi, Candida diddensiae, Candida freyschussii, Candida friedrichii, Candida glaebosa, Candida incommunis, Candida ishiwadae, Candida maltosa, Candida melibiosica, Candida mogii, Candida oleophila, Candida oregonensis, Candida silvae, Candida suecica, Candida tepae, Candida sinolaborantium, Candida gorgasii, Candida lessepsii, Candida temnochilae, Candida endomychidarum, Candida blattariae, Candida amphicis, Candida cerambycidarum, Candida michaelii, Candida boidinii, Candida fragi, Candida galacta, Candida caseinolytica, Candida sojae, Candida stellimalicola, Candida elateridarum, Candida athensensis, Candida smithsonii, Candida chickasaworum, Candida taliae, Candida anneliseae, Candida maxii, Candida bribrorum, Candida panamericana, Candida atakaporum, Candida choctaworum, Candida yuchorum, Candida wounanorum, Candida emberorum, Candida terraborum, Candida kunorum, Candida bokatorum, Candida guaymorum, Candida bolitotheri, Candida pimensis, Candida picachoensis, Candida pomicola, Candida amapae, Candida aquae-textoris, Candida fermentati, Candida novakii, Candida gotoi, Candida atlantica, Candida cylindracea, Candida quercitrusa, Candida tammaniensis, Candida trypodendri, Candida akabanensis, Candida cellulolytica, Candida pseudoglaebosa, Candida neerlandica, Candida germanica, Candida tolerans, Candida mycetangii, Candida piceae, Candida canberraensis, Candida ghanaensis, Candida litseae, Candida peoriaensis, Candida ponderosae, Candida orthopsilosis, Candida arcana, Candida derodonti, Candida plutei, Candida ascalaphidarum, Candida tetrigidarum, Candida gigantensis, Candida alai, Candida buenavistaensis, Candida labiduridarum, Candida frijolesensis, Candida corydali, Candida dosseyi, Candida blattae, Candida pinicola, Candida floridensis, Candida grinbergsii, Candida marilandica, Candida marionensis, Candida neomexicana, Candida tritomae, Candida panamensis, Candida lycoperdinae, Candida atbi, Candida barrocoloradensis, Candida aglyptini, Candida stri, Candida gatunensis, Candida pallodes, Candida scorzettiae, Candida vadensis, Candida picinguabensis, Candida californica, Candida lactis-condensi, Candida multis-gemmis, Candida jeffriesii, Candida bohioensis, Candida odintsovae, Candida chauliodis, Candida magnifica, Candida chrysomelidarum, Candida rugosa, Candida santamariae, Candida shehatae