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Catalogue of Life
Fungi and Lichens
Fungi, Ascomycota, Dothideomycetes, Capnodiales, Teratosphaeriaceae, Teratosphaeria
Teratosphaeria fibrillosa, Teratosphaeria proteae-arboreae, Teratosphaeria microspora, Teratosphaeria associata, Teratosphaeria alistairii, Teratosphaeria bellula, Teratosphaeria flexuosa, Teratosphaeria jonkershoekensis, Teratosphaeria maxii, Teratosphaeria mexicana, Teratosphaeria parva, Teratosphaeria toledana, Teratosphaeria ohnowa, Teratosphaeria marasasii, Teratosphaeria persoonii, Teratosphaeria altensteinii, Teratosphaeria encephalarti, Teratosphaeria dimorpha, Teratosphaeria juvenalis, Teratosphaeria ovata, Teratosphaeria veloci, Teratosphaeria verrucosa, Teratosphaeria gauchensis, Teratosphaeria zuluensis, Teratosphaeria hortaea, Teratosphaeria alcornii, Teratosphaeria angophorae, Teratosphaeria australiensis, Teratosphaeria blakelyi, Teratosphaeria brunneotingens, Teratosphaeria considenianae, Teratosphaeria corymbiae, Teratosphaeria destructans, Teratosphaeria eucalypti, Teratosphaeria lilianiae, Teratosphaeria macowanii, Teratosphaeria multiseptata, Teratosphaeria obscuris, Teratosphaeria stellenboschiana, Teratosphaeria syncarpiae, Teratosphaeria viscidus, Teratosphaeria alboconidia, Teratosphaeria complicata, Teratosphaeria majorizuluensis, Teratosphaeria miniata, Teratosphaeria profusa, Teratosphaeria xenocryptica, Teratosphaeria aurantia, Teratosphaeria biformis, Teratosphaeria foliensis, Teratosphaeria micromaculata, Teratosphaeria tinara, Teratosphaeria pseudoeucalypti, Teratosphaeria acidotherma, Teratosphaeria knoxdaviesii, Teratosphaeria velox