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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Gentianales, Rubiaceae, Praravinia
Praravinia acuminata, Praravinia affinis, Praravinia borneensis, Praravinia bullata, Praravinia cauliflora, Praravinia celebica, Praravinia chalcotricha, Praravinia coriacea, Praravinia creaghii, Praravinia densiflora, Praravinia everettii, Praravinia glabra, Praravinia gracilis, Praravinia hallieri, Praravinia havilandii, Praravinia hexamera, Praravinia loconensis, Praravinia loheri, Praravinia longistipula, Praravinia lucbanensis, Praravinia megistocalyx, Praravinia microphylla, Praravinia mimica, Praravinia minahassae, Praravinia mindanaensis, Praravinia mollis, Praravinia montana, Praravinia multinervia, Praravinia negrosensis, Praravinia neriifolia, Praravinia oresitropha, Praravinia panayensis, Praravinia parviflora, Praravinia polymera, Praravinia pubescens, Praravinia quadribracteolata, Praravinia robusta, Praravinia sablanensis, Praravinia salicifolia, Praravinia sarawacensis, Praravinia sericotricha, Praravinia stenophylla, Praravinia suberosa, Praravinia subtomentosa, Praravinia teysmannii, Praravinia triflora, Praravinia urophylloides, Praravinia verruculosa, Praravinia viridescens