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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Malacostraca, Decapoda, Gecarcinucoidea, Gecarcinucidae, Sundathelphusa
Sundathelphusa antipoloensis, Sundathelphusa aruana, Sundathelphusa aspera, Sundathelphusa boex, Sundathelphusa cagayana, Sundathelphusa cassiope, Sundathelphusa cavernicola, Sundathelphusa celer, Sundathelphusa grapsoides, Sundathelphusa hades, Sundathelphusa halmaherensis, Sundathelphusa jagori, Sundathelphusa lobo, Sundathelphusa longipes, Sundathelphusa minahassae, Sundathelphusa mistio, Sundathelphusa molluscivora, Sundathelphusa montana, Sundathelphusa montanoanus, Sundathelphusa philippina, Sundathelphusa picta, Sundathelphusa rubra, Sundathelphusa sottoae, Sundathelphusa subquadratus, Sundathelphusa sutteri, Sundathelphusa tenebrosa, Sundathelphusa urichi, Sundathelphusa vedeniki, Sundathelphusa waray, Sundathelphusa wolterecki