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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Laevicephalus
Laevicephalus bocanus, Laevicephalus acus, Laevicephalus convergens, Laevicephalus minimus, Laevicephalus aridus, Laevicephalus austrinus, Laevicephalus paulus, Laevicephalus pupa, Laevicephalus vannus, Laevicephalus vafer, Laevicephalus tritus, Laevicephalus tantalus, Laevicephalus siclus, Laevicephalus salarius, Laevicephalus hamatus, Laevicephalus poudris, Laevicephalus canyonensis, Laevicephalus obvius, Laevicephalus longus, Laevicephalus incongruus, Laevicephalus curvus, Laevicephalus inconditus, Laevicephalus monticola, Laevicephalus exiguus, Laevicephalus pravus, Laevicephalus unicoloratus, Laevicephalus sylvestris, Laevicephalus parvulus, Laevicephalus aurarius, Laevicephalus omani, Laevicephalus mexicanus, Laevicephalus bison, Laevicephalus colladonus, Laevicephalus opalinus, Laevicephalus peronatus, Laevicephalus saskatchewanensis, Laevicephalus ustulatus, Laevicephalus verberatus, Laevicephalus harrisi, Laevicephalus navajo, Laevicephalus nosabe, Laevicephalus warnocki, Laevicephalus melsheimerii