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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Macrosteles
Macrosteles osborni, Macrosteles sordidipennis, Macrosteles variata, Macrosteles borealis, Macrosteles sexnotata, Macrosteles quadripunctulatus, Macrosteles buzensis, Macrosteles elongatus, Macrosteles cristata, Macrosteles septemnotata, Macrosteles salsolae, Macrosteles alpina, Macrosteles empetri, Macrosteles artemisiae, Macrosteles lineatifrons, Macrosteles pallida, Macrosteles frontalis, Macrosteles chobauti, Macrosteles nubila, Macrosteles fuscinervis, Macrosteles guttata, Macrosteles halophila, Macrosteles obsoleta, Macrosteles nigrifacies, Macrosteles divisus, Macrosteles cyane, Macrosteles forficula, Macrosteles fascifrons, Macrosteles litoralis, Macrosteles livida, Macrosteles horvathi, Macrosteles intensa, Macrosteles quadrilineatus, Macrosteles quadrimaculata, Macrosteles slossoni, Macrosteles laevis, Macrosteles maculosa, Macrosteles fieberi, Macrosteles bifurcatus, Macrosteles lepida, Macrosteles curvatus, Macrosteles potoria, Macrosteles oculata, Macrosteles ossiannilssoni, Macrosteles ramosus, Macrosteles sardus, Macrosteles skalkahiensis, Macrosteles urticae, Macrosteles oshanini, Macrosteles jussiaeae, Macrosteles permaculatus, Macrosteles striifrons, Macrosteles rabaticus, Macrosteles pygmaeus, Macrosteles mallorcae, Macrosteles brunnescens, Macrosteles abludens, Macrosteles pythicus, Macrosteles severini, Macrosteles tesselatus, Macrosteles vilbastei, Macrosteles shahidi, Macrosteles purpurea, Macrosteles ochreatus, Macrosteles lagus, Macrosteles inundatus, Macrosteles galeae, Macrosteles heiseles, Macrosteles heitiacus, Macrosteles huangxionis, Macrosteles albicostalis, Macrosteles plicativus, Macrosteles alticola, Macrosteles symphorosus, Macrosteles picturatus