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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Hishimonus
Hishimonus indicus, Hishimonus pronus, Hishimonus tortuosus, Hishimonus truncatus, Hishimonus spiniferous, Hishimonus reflexus, Hishimonus rectus, Hishimonus subtilis, Hishimonus arcuatus, Hishimonus alstoni, Hishimonus bucephalus, Hishimonus callisto, Hishimonus angulatus, Hishimonus obscurus, Hishimonus apricus, Hishimonus viraktamathi, Hishimonus amabilis, Hishimonus compactus, Hishimonus aberrans, Hishimonus concavus, Hishimonus dichotomous, Hishimonus bakeri, Hishimonus digrediens, Hishimonus dividens, Hishimonus eminens, Hishimonus festivus, Hishimonus hamatus, Hishimonus lindbergi, Hishimonus nielsoni, Hishimonus ventralis, Hishimonus versicolor, Hishimonus mayarami, Hishimonus lamellatus, Hishimonus biuncinatus, Hishimonus discigutta, Hishimonus sonapaharensis, Hishimonus prolongatus, Hishimonus fuscomaculatus, Hishimonus expansivus