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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Petalocephala
Petalocephala bazarakana, Petalocephala grandiosa, Petalocephala pulsata, Petalocephala enigmoides, Petalocephala ixion, Petalocephala limbata, Petalocephala nigrella, Petalocephala pilka, Petalocephala alata, Petalocephala pullata, Petalocephala scutellaris, Petalocephala skoba, Petalocephala spicata, Petalocephala stellata, Petalocephala trispicula, Petalocephala turgida, Petalocephala planata, Petalocephala armata, Petalocephala baluchestanica, Petalocephala chlorophana, Petalocephala duodiana, Petalocephala obtusa, Petalocephala rubromarginella, Petalocephala rufomarginata, Petalocephala eurglobata, Petalocephala testacea, Petalocephala ochracea, Petalocephala fuscomarginata, Petalocephala viridis, Petalocephala conspersa, Petalocephala arcuata, Petalocephala rufa, Petalocephala unicolor, Petalocephala tenuifrons, Petalocephala umbrosa, Petalocephala uniformis, Petalocephala vittata, Petalocephala walkeri, Petalocephala perakensis, Petalocephala wahlbergi, Petalocephala potanini, Petalocephala remota, Petalocephala nigrilinea, Petalocephala philippina, Petalocephala perductalis, Petalocephala chlorocephala, Petalocephala cephalotes, Petalocephala conica, Petalocephala castanea, Petalocephala confusa, Petalocephala bipunctata, Petalocephala bicolor, Petalocephala punctatissima, Petalocephala bainbriggei, Petalocephala adelungi, Petalocephala quadrimaculata, Petalocephala raniceps, Petalocephala porrigens, Petalocephala kamerunensis, Petalocephala horishana, Petalocephala hearsayi, Petalocephala granulosa, Petalocephala gonzalezi, Petalocephala glauca, Petalocephala hornei, Petalocephala manchurica, Petalocephala insignis, Petalocephala taikosana, Petalocephala kempi, Petalocephala formosana, Petalocephala koshunensis, Petalocephala engelhardti, Petalocephala declivis, Petalocephala cultellifera, Petalocephala conspicua, Petalocephala fusiformis, Petalocephala tabulata, Petalocephala subacta, Petalocephala signata, Petalocephala subaquila, Petalocephala rubromarginata, Petalocephala taihorensis