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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Tharra
Tharra lutea, Tharra oxyomma, Tharra maculiceps, Tharra picta, Tharra aurulenta, Tharra straminea, Tharra dorsimacula, Tharra rufivena, Tharra subapicalis, Tharra terminalis, Tharra testacea, Tharra tiarata, Tharra vittata, Tharra tahitiensis, Tharra ochracea, Tharra ogygia, Tharra flavomaculata, Tharra kalypso, Tharra kassiphone, Tharra labena, Tharra leai, Tharra nausikaa, Tharra ocellata, Tharra leucomelana, Tharra metallica, Tharra limbata, Tharra pustula, Tharra permagna, Tharra perlucida, Tharra perbrevis, Tharra villosa, Tharra papuaensis, Tharra maai, Tharra nitida, Tharra nigroides, Tharra nauskoides, Tharra nakatai, Tharra marlatti, Tharra pectoides, Tharra subquadrata, Tharra grandis, Tharra villicaris, Tharra vesculata, Tharra vesca, Tharra ventriosa, Tharra turrita, Tharra quadrifida, Tharra robusta, Tharra stabula, Tharra spinulata, Tharra solomonensis, Tharra serrata, Tharra vitiensis, Tharra transversa, Tharra caledoniensis, Tharra asolita, Tharra crenulata, Tharra costata, Tharra constricta, Tharra kirkaldyi, Tharra curtisi, Tharra arca, Tharra danae, Tharra borneoensis, Tharra bispiculata, Tharra bimaculata, Tharra bidentis, Tharra bicornipes, Tharra biclades, Tharra acusifera, Tharra gladia, Tharra lenta, Tharra lamma, Tharra kraussi, Tharra knighti, Tharra insoluta, Tharra hebridensis, Tharra hades, Tharra coacta, Tharra frontalis, Tharra forissa, Tharra flavocosta, Tharra lineata, Tharra evansi, Tharra doni, Tharra gressitti, Tharra trispinata, Tharra flamma, Tharra hackeri, Tharra sarawakensis, Tharra lanceolata, Tharra hammeri, Tharra hamata, Tharra epidentata, Tharra emilyae, Tharra bucina, Tharra ciliata, Tharra angusta