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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Olidiana
Olidiana opulentus, Olidiana praetextus, Olidiana percultus, Olidiana pectitus, Olidiana nocturnus, Olidiana marginifrons, Olidiana boninensis, Olidiana cupraria, Olidiana brevis, Olidiana aperta, Olidiana reidi, Olidiana pectinata, Olidiana ornata, Olidiana mutabilis, Olidiana ritcheri, Olidiana knowltoni, Olidiana genista, Olidiana munda, Olidiana lamina, Olidiana setacea, Olidiana kodeti, Olidiana scopae, Olidiana serra, Olidiana spiculata, Olidiana unica, Olidiana ventrosola, Olidiana biungulata, Olidiana curta, Olidiana bedardi, Olidiana bifurcata, Olidiana alata, Olidiana corneola, Olidiana fasciculata, Olidiana recurvata, Olidiana peniculata, Olidiana pectiniformis, Olidiana cladopenis, Olidiana ritcheriina, Olidiana fissa, Olidiana tantula, Olidiana spira, Olidiana gladia, Olidiana ctenostyla, Olidiana parapectinata, Olidiana alvea, Olidiana viraktamathi, Olidiana singularis, Olidiana brevissima, Olidiana furcata, Olidiana perbrevis, Olidiana bigemina, Olidiana brevisina, Olidiana spina, Olidiana nigridorsum, Olidiana nielsoni, Olidiana xanthopronotata, Olidiana laminispinosa, Olidiana zhengi, Olidiana curvispinata, Olidiana flavofascia, Olidiana fringa, Olidiana hamularis, Olidiana huangi, Olidiana polyspinata, Olidiana laminapellucida, Olidiana uenoi, Olidiana longilamina, Olidiana mecistenata, Olidiana platyfasciata, Olidiana yangi, Olidiana scutopunctata, Olidiana signata, Olidiana tongmaiensis, Olidiana huoshanensis