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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Membracidae, Amastris
Amastris templa, Amastris elevata, Amastris consanguinea, Amastris sabulosa, Amastris projecta, Amastris peruviana, Amastris obtegens, Amastris maculata, Amastris lycioda, Amastris guttata, Amastris funkhouseri, Amastris fallax, Amastris compacta, Amastris citrina, Amastris flavifolia, Amastris brunneipennis, Amastris antica, Amastris minuta, Amastris vismiae, Amastris simillima, Amastris dissimilis, Amastris exigua, Amastris inconspicua, Amastris pseudoelevata, Amastris finitima, Amastris vicina, Amastris angulata, Amastris froeschneri, Amastris triviale, Amastris punctata, Amastris alapigmentata, Amastris fonsecai, Amastris inclinata, Amastris subangulata, Amastris fasciata, Amastris unica, Amastris deplumis, Amastris knighti, Amastris ramosa, Amastris interstincta, Amastris dama, Amastris vitallina, Amastris concolor, Amastris robusta, Amastris undulata, Amastris obscura, Amastris melina, Amastris discreta, Amastris straminea, Amastris revelata, Amastris sulphurea, Amastris arquata, Amastris panamensis, Amastris sakakibarai, Amastris inermis, Amastris janae, Amastris inornata, Amastris depressa, Amastris specialis, Amastris pseudomaculata, Amastris notata, Amastris conspicua, Amastris affinis, Amastris evexa, Amastris reclusa, Amastris flava, Amastris viridisparsa, Amastris gregaria, Amastris singularis, Amastris deitzi, Amastris exaltata