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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Myrtales, Melastomataceae, Microlicia
Microlicia flavovirens, Microlicia contasensis, Microlicia ciliatoglandulosa, Microlicia hirticalyx, Microlicia graveolens, Microlicia arenariaefolia, Microlicia cardiophora, Microlicia carnosula, Microlicia cordata, Microlicia crenulata, Microlicia formosa, Microlicia fulva, Microlicia insignis, Microlicia isophylla, Microlicia leucantha, Microlicia linifolia, Microlicia myrtoidea, Microlicia obtusifolia, Microlicia oxyanthera, Microlicia peruviana, Microlicia scoparia, Microlicia serrulata, Microlicia weddellii, Microlicia sphagnicola, Microlicia hatschbachii, Microlicia isostemon, Microlicia chrysantha, Microlicia harleyi, Microlicia leucopetala, Microlicia morii, Microlicia comparilis, Microlicia pinheiroi, Microlicia monticola, Microlicia aurea, Microlicia subalata, Microlicia subaequalis, Microlicia longisepala, Microlicia oligochaeta, Microlicia flava, Microlicia castrata, Microlicia myrtifolia, Microlicia baccharoides, Microlicia ericoides, Microlicia cerifera, Microlicia mucugensis, Microlicia noblickii, Microlicia macrophylla, Microlicia tenuifolia, Microlicia plumosa, Microlicia catolensis, Microlicia taxifolia, Microlicia ternata, Microlicia tomentella, Microlicia trembleyaeformis, Microlicia trichocalycina, Microlicia vestita, Microlicia viminalis, Microlicia viscosa, Microlicia warmingiana, Microlicia helvola, Microlicia hirsutissima, Microlicia humilis, Microlicia inquinans, Microlicia jungermannioides, Microlicia martiana, Microlicia microphylla, Microlicia neglecta, Microlicia parvifolia, Microlicia pilosissima, Microlicia polystemma, Microlicia pseudoscoparia, Microlicia pusilla, Microlicia regeliana, Microlicia reichardtiana, Microlicia resinosa, Microlicia riedeliana, Microlicia setosa, Microlicia sincorensis, Microlicia sublaevis, Microlicia subsetosa, Microlicia agrestis, Microlicia amplexicaulis, Microlicia avicularis, Microlicia balsamifera, Microlicia benthamiana, Microlicia blanchetiana, Microlicia canastrensis, Microlicia cinerea, Microlicia clausseniana, Microlicia confertiflora, Microlicia cryptandra, Microlicia cuspidifolia, Microlicia decussata, Microlicia denudata, Microlicia doryphylla, Microlicia elegans, Microlicia euphorbioides, Microlicia fasciculata, Microlicia pabstii, Microlicia petasensis, Microlicia petiolulata, Microlicia psammophila, Microlicia ramosa, Microlicia rotundifolia, Microlicia schreineri, Microlicia sickii, Microlicia souzae-limae, Microlicia suborbicularifolia, Microlicia sulfurea, Microlicia torrendii, Microlicia amblysepala, Microlicia bahiensis, Microlicia carrasci, Microlicia cipoana, Microlicia cogniauxii, Microlicia crebropunctata, Microlicia curralensis, Microlicia damazioi, Microlicia edmundoi, Microlicia glazioviana, Microlicia guanayana, Microlicia luetzelburgii, Microlicia lutea, Microlicia macedoi, Microlicia melanostagma, Microlicia mendoncaei, Microlicia minima, Microlicia giulietiana, Microlicia longipedicellata, Microlicia ordinata, Microlicia vernicosa, Microlicia baumgratziana, Microlicia parvula, Microlicia semiriana