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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Myrtales, Melastomataceae, Meriania
Meriania aurata, Meriania franciscana, Meriania horrida, Meriania arborea, Meriania calophylla, Meriania candollei, Meriania dentata, Meriania grandidens, Meriania longipes, Meriania nobilis, Meriania pergamentacea, Meriania prunifolia, Meriania pulcherrima, Meriania quintuplinervia, Meriania radula, Meriania rigida, Meriania splendens, Meriania spruceana, Meriania tetraquetra, Meriania urceolata, Meriania weberbaueri, Meriania hexamera, Meriania longifolia, Meriania rugosa, Meriania macrophylla, Meriania panamensis, Meriania leucantha, Meriania acida, Meriania tomentosa, Meriania tetragona, Meriania crassiramis, Meriania axinioides, Meriania boliviensis, Meriania vilcabambensis, Meriania cuzcoana, Meriania vargasii, Meriania amischophylla, Meriania sanguinea, Meriania maxima, Meriania acostae, Meriania pichinchensis, Meriania mexiae, Meriania ampla, Meriania pastazana, Meriania campii, Meriania drakei, Meriania maguirei, Meriania amplexicaulis, Meriania kirkbridei, Meriania costata, Meriania loxensis, Meriania cuneifolia, Meriania furvanthera, Meriania stellata, Meriania denticulata, Meriania speciosa, Meriania almedae, Meriania cordifolia, Meriania finicola, Meriania lindenii, Meriania trianae, Meriania tuberculata, Meriania umbellata, Meriania brittoniana, Meriania odorata, Meriania phlomoides, Meriania hernandoi, Meriania peltata, Meriania albertiae, Meriania purpurea, Meriania aracaensis, Meriania dimorphanthera, Meriania huilensis, Meriania broccha, Meriania neblinensis, Meriania tetramera, Meriania brevipedunculata, Meriania parvifolia, Meriania kraenzlinii, Meriania antioquiensis, Meriania sclerophylla, Meriania calyptrata, Meriania claussenii, Meriania glabra, Meriania involucrata, Meriania paniculata, Meriania heptamera, Meriania sanchezii, Meriania ekmanii, Meriania glazioviana, Meriania ornata, Meriania pallida, Meriania robusta, Meriania squamulosa, Meriania steyermarkii, Meriania subumbellata, Meriania tolimana, Meriania versicolor, Meriania grandiflora