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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Anthoathecata, Stylasteridae, Crypthelia
Crypthelia affinis, Crypthelia balia, Crypthelia clausa, Crypthelia cryptotrema, Crypthelia curvata, Crypthelia cymas, Crypthelia dactylopoma, Crypthelia eueides, Crypthelia floridana, Crypthelia formosa, Crypthelia fragilis, Crypthelia gigantea, Crypthelia glebulenta, Crypthelia glossopoma, Crypthelia insolita, Crypthelia japonica, Crypthelia lacunosa, Crypthelia medioatlantica, Crypthelia micropoma, Crypthelia papillosa, Crypthelia peircei, Crypthelia platypoma, Crypthelia polypoma, Crypthelia pudica, Crypthelia ramosa, Crypthelia robusta, Crypthelia stenopoma, Crypthelia studeri, Crypthelia tenuiseptata, Crypthelia trophostega, Crypthelia vascomarquesi