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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Anthoathecata, Hydridae, Hydra
Hydra baikalensis, Hydra beijingensis, Hydra canadensis, Hydra cauliculata, Hydra circumcincta, Hydra daqingensis, Hydra ethiopiae, Hydra hadleyi, Hydra harbinensis, Hydra hymanae, Hydra iheringi, Hydra intaba, Hydra intermedia, Hydra japonica, Hydra javanica, Hydra liriosoma, Hydra madagascariensis, Hydra magellanica, Hydra mariana, Hydra minima, Hydra mohensis, Hydra oligactis, Hydra oregona, Hydra oxycnida, Hydra paludicola, Hydra paranensis, Hydra parva, Hydra plagiodesmica, Hydra polymorpha, Hydra robusta, Hydra rutgersensis, Hydra salmacidis, Hydra shenzhensis, Hydra sinensis, Hydra thomseni, Hydra umfula, Hydra utahensis, Hydra viridissima, Hydra vulgaris, Hydra zeylandica, Hydra zhujiangensis